Theater Preview: THE VIRAL MONOLOGUES (The 24 Hour Plays)

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by Tony Frankel on August 4, 2020

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Tonight through August 8, the extraordinary 2020 company members of The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals will begin their weeklong intensive with their very own edition of the Viral Monologues, available at 24 Hour Plays. Together, the young artists chosen for this rigorous professional experience will write, rehearse, perform and produce new pieces in just 24 hours, all to fundraise so that other deserving creatives will get to experience Nationals in the future. Beginning at 6pm ET, the new monologues will be published, one every 15 minutes.

Last night at 6pm, actors shared brief orientation-style videos to allow the writers to get to know them better. By 7pm, writers and actors were paired, and writers got to work on crafting new monologues especially for their assigned actors. Actors received their monologues this morning at 10am, are filming their performances throughout the day, and at 6pm their videos begin to be released to the world, completing the 24-hour cycle. The monologues will be available to view on IGTV and online for four days after their initial airing courtesy of an agreement with Theatre Authority, a nonprofit organization managed by Actors’ Equity.

Previous new monologues written, rehearsed and recorded in 24 hours are still available. Over 200 new monologues since March 16. Watch on InstagramFacebook and Youtube. Each round features stars of TV, film and Broadway! Past participants include Wayne BradyHugh DancyLea DeLariaDaveed DiggsRachel DratchJake GyllenhaalEthan HawkeElizabeth MarvelSienna MillerLarry OwensAshley ParkAndre RoyoMichael ShannonShaunette Renée Wilson and many many more!

The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals, in partnership with the New School for Drama, is a rigorous professional experience for artists 25 and under. Over the course of a week, the company will engage in intensive workshops, panel discussions with industry game-changers, and finally, their own production of The 24 Hour Plays on Tuesday, August 11th that will be written, rehearsed and performed online in 24 hours! This week’s edition of the monologues will help financially support the Nationals program, providing more opportunities for young artists to meet their peers and build relationships that will serve them throughout their careers.

The 24 Hour Plays: Viral Monologues are produced by Coleman Ray Clark and Madelyn Paquette. The artistic director of The 24 Hour Plays is Mark Armstrong.

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