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by Eve Meadows on November 6, 2019

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Breaking Bad is one of the most iconic TV shows recently. It is hard to find someone, especially a millennial who didn’t watch it and didn’t enjoy the adventures of Walter White and his companion Jesse Pinkman. Breaking Bad dominated a decade and set an example for TV shows to come. If one could replicate all the elements of the show, they will probably get a recipe for a top-notch TV show but Breaking Bad is more than just an example of a good series, it actually moved the boundaries and changed television and series as we know them. Praises for Breaking Bad come from everywhere and critics spared no acclaims and some went as far as saying that 10 years later, TV is still in Walter White’s shadow.

There was some skepticism

But here, we’re going to have a look at its spin-off prequel series Better Call Saul and the things that make it unique. When Better Call Saul was launched, many Breaking Bad fans were skeptical that it will reach its popularity. Those who liked the character of Saul Goodman were excited when the series was announced, but even they expected a quirky show that will be a proper spin-off and wouldn’t linger too much on Breaking Bad and its plotline.

However, when the first season of Better Call Saul went live, it became clear that there will be a lot of references to Breaking Bad and hints at events that took place in Breaking Bad. Many of the episodes of the first season actually revolved around events that happened later chronologically and where shown in Breaking Bad. While this is a pretty common tactic and featured in multiple spin-offs.

It seemed that the show was trying to incorporate multiple stories that weren’t necessarily interconnected, and many felt that the producers are actually struggling to put together a coherent storyline.

The scene where a car is thoroughly dismantled was particularly criticized and seen as a sign that the writers lack inspiration and couldn’t fill the episodes with more exciting events.

The story unfolded and then came the drama

However, as the show progressed, the story began to develop and towards the end of season 1, viewers started recognizing the show as a decent successor to Breaking Bad. During season 2 the show became a lot more dramatic and dynamic and left viewers eagerly waiting for the next episode. We are not going to go into the details of the show, because you might decide to watch it if you haven’t already. One thing was certain after season one, the show was going to retain its viewers and attract many new ones who were skeptical at first.

It is probably more than safe to say that this is one of the best prequels of all time. Still, we have to touch on the plot at least a little bit. As you probably know by now, the story takes us back to the time before Breaking Bad and follows Saul Goodman, also known as James Morgan McGill (Jimmy) and Gene Takovic, a lawyer and ex-conman who enters the underworld and gets involved in criminal activities. Mike Ehrmantraut is another character from Breaking Bad, but here his role is slightly different.

Some epic scenes and more to come

Throughout the show you will see Saul in a range of activities, not just representing his clients in court. His speech at the seniors’ bingo hall, where he plays the role of a bingo caller, is one particular dramatic and exciting scene. This is not the first time a bingo scene is introduced in a film of a series, but it is hard to imagine how filmmakers will include bingo scenes in future films, considering that nowadays most bingo fans prefer playing bingo online at sites like Blighty Bingo, as opposed to traditional bingo halls.

Be that as it may, we are eagerly waiting for the Fifth season of Better Call Saul, it is difficult to predict whether it will reach a status as iconic as that of Breaking Bad, but there are people who predict that it might as well surpass the original show.

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