by Aveline MacQuoid on November 2, 2020

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Any web designer knows they need the inspiration to generate ideas. Essentially, ideas for designing sites originate from somewhere. Luckily, almost everything that web designers see influences them. Artsy magazines, streets, and blogs are just some of the things that can inspire a designer. But, the internet is a great source of web design inspiration. And, Instagram is, particularly, an awesome inspiration source for web designers.

But, you will find countless accounts about web design on Instagram. Some have gained awesome popularity by sharing awesome ideas persistently. Others have employed creative approaches like using the Instagram likes app to boost popularity. Nevertheless, you should follow accounts that keep you updated on the latest web design trends. Here are some of the must-see accounts a website designer needs to follow.

  1. @uidesignpatterns

This account has a massive following. It’s among the top website designer accounts. Following it will keep you updated on various UX videos, photos, and ideas. It also allows you a chance to showcase personal creative works. You’ll also get links for suggested courses that teach followers how to grow their social following and promote their portfolios online.

  1. @wiedenkennedy

Wieden Kennedy keeps followers of this account informed about the latest web design trends. This account features some of the most impressive works in web design. Additionally, the account provides a glimpse of the best workspaces for web designers.

  1. @welovewebdesign

Do you want to top this industry with user experience design ideas? If yes, follow @welovewebdesign on Instagram. It comprises inspiring and talented UI/UX designers. It has over 706K followers. This makes it a top account with a massive following. When you follow it, you’ll stay updated on the latest ideas for web design.

You’ll also familiarize yourself with great web designers across the world. Follow it when looking for influencers in the entire industry. Essentially, it’s an awesome source of unique design ideas, great industry partners, and influencers.

  1. @UX_UI_wireframes

This is the favorite account for many web designers. It keeps adding new posts that are sourced from Instagram using specific designer hashtags. As such, this account compares to a unique curation resource. It connects different designers while seeking their permission to republish their work. This gets the work of a designer more attention while providing different UX inspiration.

  1. @instaui

Anybody that needs the inspiration to come up with an awesome UI design should follow this account on Instagram. It’s a great source of daily inspiration for creating amazing UI designs. Following it will give you fresh ideas for the general design. And, this account is not restricted to UI design. You will also find great stuff like vector icons and digital illustrations on this account. Thus, you’re bound to get inspiration and ideas that will enhance your web design creativity.

  1. @dennis.design

This account has a great web designer behind it. Dennis Snellenberg, a freelance designer based in the Netherlands, runs it. He’s an awesome front-end developer too. Dennis loves sharing his design ideas with fellow designers. Follow Dennis on Instagram to get inspired to come up with awesome and exceptional web designs. Denis is a creative designer with vast experience in what he does. Following his account will keep you updated about his works, services, and the latest industry trends.

  1. @uxdesignmastery

This Instagram account has over 100k followers. What makes it amazing is that it features web design courses and tutorials. You will also find beautiful photos that can guide you to the site. It also offers cool inspiration to web designers. If new to web design, you will find it quite valuable because of the knowledge that it provides. Nevertheless, anybody can learn from uploads of this account.

  1. @interaction_design_foundation

This account is quite helpful to people that want to learn about designing websites. The main goal of this account is to be educational. As such, it features posts with amazing tips and advice. You’ll also find great quotes and statistics from experienced UX designers. What’s more, you will get info graphics with invaluable information. You can also find links to great open-source software and educational materials like UX articles. Thus, it’s purely an educational account for web designers.

  1. @dsgnr_

This is another account that every web designer should follow. Run by Michal Korwin-Piotrowski, this account features impressive works that inspire web designers. Such works include web design samples for mobile applications, web design samples for desktop, UX designs, as well as, stunning graphic designs, and photography. Michal is an art director and a lecturer.

  1. @wireflow

This account is run by a team that publishes custom storyboards, wireframes, and prototypes. The main website that manages this account promotes a flowchart management tool. This is a tool that can be used online freely to produce instantaneous results in a browser. However, this account includes hand-drawn user flows and wireframes too. Do you need a classic brainstorming technique? If yes, follow this account.

  1. @twohabitsdesign

Follow this account to familiarize yourself with the leading designers and keep up with the newest web designs. It’s also a place where you can promote your creative works as long as they relate to web design. Following this account will provide a great source of ideas for awesome designs. It will also inspire your design creativity. Whether your goal is to share ideas or get inspired, this is an awesome account to follow. It’s great for beginners and experienced designers.

The Bottom Line

Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012. The $1 billion purchase was considered the most important and the largest for Facebook back then. Since then, Instagram has undergone rapid growth. It’s among the platforms that people use to get inspiration, ideas, and information on varied topics. Web designers use it to share ideas and also get useful design insights. If looking for inspiration, ideas, or information to boost your design skills, follow these tips. You will be assured of your daily dose of web design inspiration, tips, and ideas.

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