EXTRAS: 4 Problems That Might Ruin Your Marriage

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by Aveline MacQuoid on October 29, 2020

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4 Problems That Might Ruin Your Marriage

Statistics claim that almost 50% of marriages end up in divorce. Many couples that broke off simply couldn’t fix the problem that became a point of no return. But what bugs couples the most? Evolutionary Psychology Magazine held a survey in 2020, where 1 099 participants shared the most common reasons for divorce. Before you seek single girls for marriage, read about the compiled issues that most definitely lead to divorce.

  1. Lack of motivation

It doesn’t matter if you are together for a week or several years. There always needs to be a partner who motivates the relationship and keeps it going. Ideally, both of you need to be in this role. But when the enthusiasm goes away, partners just don’t know how to continue giving that energy. Especially after the ceremony, the vows, and the honeymoon, when the first dance is complete and the first night is spent, there is nothing to prove. It leads to indifference and a gradual cooldown of your relationship. Sometimes this sudden lack of compassion may lead to contempt. How to avoid it? Never stop working on your relationship. It is a myth that a strong connection keeps on moving by itself like a windmill. Imagine a romantic relationship as a flame, where you need to add firewood to keep it going. Your partner has to have the same mindset, considering all your whims without diminishing each other and eating each other up.

  1. Betrayal

During the survey, responders classified two main forms of betrayal: abuse and infidelity. There is no need to explain why these forms are the worst to do to a partner. It is only worth saying that the first violation means destroying years of trust without getting back. Although infidelity sometimes leads to forgiveness, but you should never try it either.  If you want sex with another person, things are probably not going great in one area, but you can fix them. If you want to meet single lady and stay happy with her, you shouldn’t practice abuse in any shape or form EVER.

  1. Complicated personality

People who think of themselves as “selfish” or “different” are difficult romantic partners because they devalue the needs of their loved ones or ignore them at all costs. According to the survey, this is the most common reason for a woman to break up with their man. Most definitely, it is connected to domestic sexism and the stigmatized attitude of men towards their wives. To avoid this problem, you should remember that your wife is equally as human and deserves to have the same rights. If you have a problematic personality, you need to strive for balance and cut corners.

  1. Attachment

Attachment leads to the ruination of a romantic partnership in no time because the overly attached partner doesn’t ask anything in return, except for love, which kills all the enthusiasm in a relationship. Attachment often leads to control issues, jealousy, and too high expectations. When it comes to clinginess, you can get rid of it by being in your partner’s shoes. Would you like to be treated the same way your partner treats you?

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