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Top 3 gambling movies you should watch

Gambling has formed a primary theme or subtheme of many popular Hollywood movies. These movies struggle between the lines of glorifying and morally critiquing the profession. Through these movies, people get a glimpse of what gambling looks like and how gamblers live their lives. For freshers and experienced players, good, well-made movies can be a great source of gaining insight into the gambling industry and techniques. Even though most of them can be regarded as fictionalized representations of an industry. Movies are a great way to reduce the stigma attached to this profession. Previously, people had this belief that gambling was solely restricted for rich people.

But now, with the exposure to pop culture, there has been a paradigm shift in the mindset and any strata of people can have access to gambling. This has been further accentuated by the digital revolution. With the stellar combination of easy data connection and increased smartphone usage, people can access online gaming sites through mobiles. These sites are equipped with smart and attractive incentives and offers, captivating graphics and soundtracks and convenient gameplay service. Since most of these sites are regulated by licensed gaming regulation authorities, it is safe to say that financial transactions are not subjected to loss or fraud. Nowadays there are a few casinos that have incorporated the mobile casino pay by phone bill option under their payment system. Playing online is fun but it can also become tedious and mundane. It is important to take a break and binge view these 3 amazing gambling movies.

 Casino Royale

One of the most appreciated James Bond classics, Casino Royale out and out depicts the story of powerful and ultra-rich people controlling the wealth, class and status of the society. James Bond, acted out by the immensely talented Daniel Craig, is set out on a mission to stop a banking criminal syndicate Le Chiffre from participating in a massive, high-stakes game of Texas Hold Them at Casino. What follows is a series of adventures that are met with bloodshed, challenge and action. Also, of course, no Bond movie is complete without luxury and ladies. A realistic depiction of money laundering, this movie is always a part of the must-watch list of every gambling enthusiast. 

The Hangover

A comedy of errors that follows the adventurous journey of the crazy trio of friends- Phil, Stu and Allen who happily travel to Las Vegas for their friend Doug’s bachelor party. What follows is a series of laughable mishaps with their friend Doug gone missing and their funny stints at Las Vegas casinos. Touted as one of the best gambling comedies, this film fairly represents the extravagance of Las Vegas casinos and what happens when things go all south at the casinos. If a person needs a good laugh, then this film is perfect for her.


A brilliant masterpiece directed by the cinematic genius Martin Scorcese, Casino follows the lives of two gangster brothers who would break the laws and system to reach the pinnacle of power and success. One of the brothers played by Robert De Niro is an ex-gangster and a proud owner of a luxurious casino at Las Vegas. This film can be credited with glamorizing and popularizing the casinos and the Las Vegas lifestyle among the locals and commoners.

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