Film Preview: DTF (directed by Al Bailey)

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by John Todd on September 14, 2020

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Over the course of 18 months, director Al Bailey followed his friend “Christian” as his career as a long-haul pilot takes him to the far corners of the Earth. Widowed and lonely, “Christian” uses his career to find new love in far-off lands as the camera captures his misadventures in lust and love. From the Far East to North America, the friendship of the two men is thrown into turmoil as moral compasses are tested to the limits with a whirlwind of vice and addiction. The question soon turns from can you find true love in the modern global world via dating apps, to how well do you know your closest friends when you are thrown into their secret crazy environments?

This raw and audacious fly-on-the-wall expose documentary about the search to connect via the dating app Tinder spirals into a controversial cautionary tale of one man’s addictive and outlandish behavior in a bubble of vice and depravity that conflicts with his consummate professionalism.

UK | 83 min | English
Gravitas Ventures
released in digital HD and Cable VOD on September 15, 2020
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