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All of us know that the cinema world works quite differently from the picture that we can imagine. Not everything that we see on the screen is always true. Even if we talk about video advertising, many things are fake. For instance, they use sunflower oil instead of beer. The other brilliant example is the fact that the actors never have real sex while shooting the film.

The reason for pretending that you are doing something is the scenario that requires it, but at the same time, no one can make actors do some things against their will. Simultaneously, nobody can put them into danger. For example, the scenes with the weapon are also shot according to specific rules. A stunt player who has chosen his or her job of his own free will often perform difficult parts.

Vaping as a Trickery: Reasons

Vaping, previously called ‘a safer alternative to smoking,’ is now more deeply studied, and the filmmakers have no right to make an actor risk his or her health. The fact is that even the best e cigarette gives no guarantees of being harmless. The point is that second hand vaping is also dangerous, so they have to negotiate the cast’s approval to be close to the one vaping.

The important point here is to tell you about the adverse effects of vaping. Firstly, vaping brings severe risks to your body system. The active chemicals that are contained in vapour can affect the heart and cardiovascular system. The reason is the content of nicotine. Any nicotine consumption is hazardous to your body, no matter if it is smoked or vaped.

Nicotine increases heart rate and blood pressure. Cardiac geometry and function can also be changed for an extended period after using e cigs. At the same time, there is no proof that coronary heart disease, coronary artery calcification are caused directly by vaping. Scientists still argue and insist on more scientific studies to be made to find out all the vaping secret harms.

The safe sum of all solid and liquid particles in the air is called particulate matter and is determined by doctors, but it was proved that the use of e cigarettes from vapingdaily, for example, increases the level of this particulate matter, which is highly dangerous for a human being. In fact, there is an even scarier conclusion: vapour from e cigarettes contains highly dangerous toxins.

The amount and precise name of these toxins cannot be determined as each manufacturer uses different chemicals to create an e liquid. The well-known facts are that e liquids sold even with the best e cigarettes contain heavy metals, which can be stuck in the human body and cause several health issues, and cancerogenic elements that can cause cancer for the caper or people around him.

The truth is that vaping can be lethal. Firstly, the accidental consumption of e liquid can shuffle off your mortal coil. Secondly, as the device consists of electrical elements, including the battery, sometimes it happens that even the best e cigs explode. The milder results of such an event include projectile injuries and burns; the more severe one is death.

Last but never least is the fact that e cigarettes can negatively affect the respiratory system in general, and lungs in particular. The vapour is quite hot (especially from the modern devices, where the amount and quality of vapour are set manually), and the temperature itself irritates the users’ airways. In combination with dangerous chemicals, the vapour is the spicy storm.

Film Shooting and Vaping: the Real Situation

This question usually arises because actors used to smoke real cigarettes while shooting the films in the course of the previous century. However, as humans were moving to a healthier lifestyle, and the governments implemented laws of tobacco products regulation, the custom has changed. Nowadays, the actor often uses herbal cigarettes to avoid tobacco consumption (for instance, cigs with chamomile tea).

With the development of e cigs, the opportunity to avoid nicotine consumption has not gone. The actor can use zero nicotine e liquid for shooting or use a similar trick as with the usual cigarettes. One can use dry herb vape pen and vape mint leaves or any other herb. Johnny Depp made one of the most spectacular vaping session in the film in the movie “The Tourist.”

The actor was one of the first who brought vaping into the cinema world. People did it before, but the scale of popularity of this film was tremendously massive, so it served to spread vaping habits all around the world. Nowadays, the question of vaping in shot remains contradictory. People cannot stop smoking or vaping in films because the practice is part of normal life.

Simultaneously, it is quite harmful to the actor and other people on the set. Nobody should risk his or her health because of the movie, which is a business. That is why some regulatory points should be indicated in the contract. The logic also claims that, probably, the ones who risk their health should be paid extra money for unhealthy conditions of work.

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