Film Feature: SOME AWESOME MUSIC DOCUMENTARIES (Red Bull Music Academy)

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by Tony Frankel on May 7, 2020

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I gotta tell you, folks, since the lockdown from COVID-19, the amount of streaming dreck that has come before me is embarrassing. so it’s a pleasure to share with you some awesome music documentaries I’ve encountered. Many different lengths, many types of music, all fascinating. Some are great to watch on their own, but hopefully you’ll catch the free web series for each, courtesy of the Red Bull Music Academy. Explore and enjoy!


Ahead of her performance at last year’s Red Bull Music Festival New York, American R&B superstar Teyana Taylor came up with her most ambitious live show to date. The 60-minute House of Petunia follows the singer and her team, including Nikki Taylor (her mom and manager), Iman Shumpert (husband), Carrington (band director) and Coco Gilbert (lead choreographer), as they plan and bring the House of Petunia to life. The documentary also features guest appearances from Usher, Fabolous, and Method Man. This is part of Assembly Required, a web series that gives you an inside look at the creative process of live performances, with insights into the complex development, arrangement and rehearsal stages that lead up to the night of the big concert.


From Sonic the Hedgehog to Final Fantasy, the documentary series Diggin’ in the Carts explores one of Japan’s biggest cultural exports — video games. Produced and directed by Nick Dwyer and Tu Neill, the six episodes not only focus on both the unsung men and women responsible for these soundtracks and the modern day artists who were inspired by them, including J-Rocc, Kode9, Ladyhawke, Teki Latex, and many more. No cheat codes required, but do remember to click on cc for subtitles when watching!


This series takes viewers around the world from Detroit to China, and behind the disco ball and flashing lights with the creators of various nightlife scenes to see their genius at work. From a party in the middle of the Mexican jungle to trailblazing American LGBTQ-friendly institutions House of Yes and , the one thing they all have in common is the desire to bring communities together. With three seasons and fifteen episodes, this one’s sure to keep you busy.


Want to feel inspired? With one series and three episodes so far, The Mind Behind collects stories of athletes, musicians, and chefs overcoming long odds and succeeding in their chosen professions — by finding communities and never taking no for an answer. This series aims to look deep inside our heroes to understand the way their mind functions, so we learn something about what motivates the artists and athletes we love.


A Chicago baseball game in the 70s that ended in a riot after a rock DJ encouraged fans to bring disco records to blow up. The LA crew who brought hip-hop and electro to partygoers in the mid-70s. A church-raised, piano-playing Atlanta producer who became one of hip-hop’s most-indemand hitmakers. These are just some of the stories covered in The Note, which over two seasons covers the people, events, and technology that changed lives and continue to shape the future.



There’s more to Australia’s music scene than AC/DC and didgeridoos, and This is Home introduces you to the Land Down Under’s hottest up-and-coming artists. Featuring rappers Dallas Woods, Jesswar, and B Wise, together they showcase the cultures, lifestyles and social backgrounds that make up the country’s growing music scene.

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