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Museums are captivating. It will feed your eyes and mind with amazing things. Here are the best museums in London for college students.

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Top Museums in London for College Students

  1.       British Museum

This top museum was founded in 1753. It ranks as London’s top most visited museum. Why not? You can feast your ideas with such amazing galleries that will help you learn even more about our ancient history. Aside from walking around the museum, there are other things that you can do, like joining lectures, film screenings, talks, and a lot more.

  1.       Tate Britain

This is where you will see the greatest and most classic British paintings. In this museum, you can tour around galleries having music as the background. You can also join talks and workshops on arts.

  1.       British Library

Did you ever wish to see Shakespeare’s First Folio? Well, the British Library will help you achieve your goal. This is where you can get literally tons of information about anything you want to know.

  1.       Sir John Soane’s Museum

This is where your architectural instinct will come alive. This is a place of tons of architectural drawings as well as great works from the big names in the world of design and architecture.

  1.       The Design Museum

When you are looking for design, then you should definitely go to The Design Museum. This is a museum that features all sorts of designs from fashion, graphics, and digital to architectural.

Many people enjoy going to the museums because their eyes and minds will be packed with information and facts that are sometimes unknown to them. And you would surely get excited if you know that you will be going to one of these museums listed above. These are the top choices for people who love museum trips. It is best that you make these part of your travel goals and you will surely find it all worth it. There are so many great and most-visited museums around the globe. These are present to give you an artistic and historical experience that you will never forget.

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