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The Gambling Habits Of Various Actors And Playwrights

Gambling has been a form of entertainment since the beginning of time. People from all lifestyles and income levels enjoy it. But gambling addiction is one of the biggest problems that affect celebrities.

Some celebrities have ended up gambling all their fortunes away, while others have become gambling pros and multiplied their wealth. Stars often play live casino slots, but some prefer online betting platforms. We look at the gambling habits of some popular actors and playwrights.

Ray Romano

Ray Romano shot to stardom when he starred in the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray reaped huge fortunes from the show. By the time the show was ending, Ray Romano was struggling with a severe gambling addiction.

In 2009, he produced and starred in a popular TV show, Men of A Certain Age. He played Joe Tranelli, a gambling addict. In 2011, when the show ended, Ray Romano let the world know that Joe was a true reflection of himself.

He even admitted that at some point, he turned to the Gambler’s Anonymous for help. Today, the actor plays on virtual bets. He no longer plays live casino slots such as those seen at 918kiss as he used to.

Tobey Maguire

The former Spiderman is one of the few celebrities that don’t try to hide their love for gambling. He has even participated in World Series of Poker, in which he applied the tips he got from Daniel Negreanu, a pro poker player.

According to various sources, Tobey has reaped more than $10 million from poker playing over the years. However, Tobey also plays underground poker. In 2011, he was involved in a lawsuit for forming an illegal gambling ring.

Ben Affleck

The new Batman is an ardent card player. At one point, he lost a $400,000 poker hand. In 2001, he enrolled in rehab to fix his gambling addiction. He can spend hours in casinos playing cards, usually under the influence of alcohol.

He once staked $60,000 on a blackjack hand while drunk. He won $800,000 and left a hefty tip of $150,000 to the casino staff. Ben Affleck also got himself banned from a Las Vegas casino for counting cards during rounds of Blackjack.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s separation from his wife Denise Richards exposed a lot about his private life to the public. For example, the public learned that the actor bets on sports every day. He wasn’t good at winning and had fits of rage whenever wagers went contrary to his expectations.

Pamela Anderson

In 2007 on Ellen Degeneres’s show, Pamela Anderson admitted that she lost $250,000 in a poker game. Her male opponent asked her to make out with him to clear the bet.

She joked that she cleared a poker debt with sexual favors and ended up falling in love. It is not clear whether Pamela Anderson is still in gambling and keeps it under wraps.

These are just a few celebrities that attribute some of the changes in their lives to gambling. There are many of them out there.

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