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by Jim Allen on November 16, 2019

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Since ancient times, one of the most exciting fairy-tales ever has been the Enchanted Prince Slot. This tale is about a beautiful prince who gets transformed into a frog by a maleficent witch, who pronounces a magic spell. This spell can be broken only by a kiss from a beautiful princess. Who doesn’t love this story? Good and love win on everything. Of course, the intent of Eyecon wasn’t to bring love to players but to excite and entertain them.

How to play Enchanted Prince 

The entire game is set on a pond, where several water lilies are floating. The background, as well as the graphic elements, are quite decent but they won’t make you trilling though. The symbols, which are for the most part classic symbols, are all well-made and detailed. Considering the plot of this story, the main character couldn’t be anyone but the frog.

In fact, this little guy waits for a kiss from the princess, while sitting on a leaf, dressed like a prince and wearing a crown. He will be your best friend when the time comes. It is a classic 5 reels and three rows slot. There are 25 pay lines, which can be increased and decreased by wish, using the console. The stake, which can also be adjusted as you wish, starts from a minimum of one penny per line to a maximum of 50 pence per line. So, when all the 25 pay lines are active, the max bet reaches a decent amount of 12.5 pounds.

To hit a win, the player has to get at least 2 identical and consecutive symbols, starting from the first reel on the left side. This game can boast of good playability and decent RTP, which is 94.995%. The dashboard is the only element which doesn’t match too much with the theme, to be honest. But it is easy to use and very clear. 

The symbols 

As we already mentioned, the majority of the symbols are classic ones. Among the 11 symbols, apart from the wild and the scatter, there are the classic 6 card symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. The rest of the symbols are a Princess, which is also the most rewarding one, a castle, a Ruby, a Water lily and a leaf. The scatter is represented by the frog. This amphibian acts as the other symbols, but thanks to it, the player can get free spins.

Indeed, if the player manages to get three, four of five frogs, anywhere on the screen, he will be rewarded with 15, 20 or 25 free games. During the free spins, the rules are the same than during the main game. The stake keeps the same value. The free spins can be reactivated during the free rounds, but no more than 15 times.

The Wild, which is a crown, acts as a Jolly. It can substitute all other symbols (apart from the Scatter), to help the player complete a winning combination. If the player hits a win thanks to the wild, the prize gets doubled. 

Panoramic on the game 

At first sight, it doesn’t look too exciting. It is actually quite simple, there aren’t sub-games or extra features to activate. Also, the sound effects, as well as the animations, are nothing special. Despite this, the combination of all these elements together makes it a decent and entertaining game worth playing. 

Eyecon Gaming Slots

Apart from Enchant prince, these guys have created a superb number of other slot machines. We bet you know at least one of their products. Ever heard about Fluffy favourites?  This slot is Eyecon workhorse. It has become super famous, so like the rest of the saga, Fluffy too and Fluffy Fairground. This company has been founded by a group of people who really loves games.

It was 1997 when a group of friends decided to create a computer company. A couple of years after, they created their first casino game, Temple of Isis, the slot which made them famous as casino manufacturers. Besides slot machines, which are their main products, this company produces also Bingos and Card games.

All the products released by Eyecon have something in common. Most of them are very easy to understand and to play at. Anyway, their simplicity is not a symptom of boringness.

Legend of the 5 Ninjas 

This is the case of the game Legend of the 5 Ninjas, an easy to play slot which is getting an enormous success. Released in 2018, this game tells the story of 5 Japanese warriors who are seeking for the scroll of knowledge. By getting it, they will become the most powerful warriors on earth. The setting is ancient that Japan which doesn’t exist anymore, where people used martial arts to survive. 

The game presents 5 reels, three rows and 243 pay lines. The graphics is superb and the animations are even better. All the symbols are well made, and the sound effects, as well as the background music, are perfectly matching the theme. The minimum bet and the max bet can be set respectively to 25 pence and 50 pounds. This slot machine is available to all platforms, such as smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Beat the Bobbies slot 

Step by step, another slot machine is getting the consent of the crowd, we are talking about Beat the Bobbies. This is the story of two guys who ride a scooter trying to run away from the police after they have robbed a bank. This slot, as well, presents 5 reels, three rows and 243 non-adjustable pay lines. The minim bet can be set to 25 pence, while the max bet can even reach 50 pounds. Extremely easy to understand and super-smooth, this slot is also available for all platforms. For those who love different scenarios, or are attracted by classic themes, games such as Irish Luck or Shaman’s dream are a must.

What are you waiting for? Play one of this Eyecon masterpiece now. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

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