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by Eve Meadows on November 9, 2019

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One of the main reasons why slots are so fun to play is because of the fact they are so simple. It’s the same reason why millions of people spin the magic reels every single day all, over the world. Players don’t need to learn dozens of complicated strategies or spend hours trying to learn the tells of fellow opponents. They don’t even need to play against a dealer. Instead all players need to focus on is pressing the buttons and watching symbols line up in any winning combination.Yet despite how easy it is to play slots, there are a few things that players can do to make sure they win. So if you want to know how to improve your odds, keep reading and find out how to win at slots. 

Pick your slot carefully

The joy of playing slots is that you get to pick a game that you love. There are so many options with endless variations of themes and designs. Developers are constantly creating new formats and styles, with new was to play every day. Slots can be based on anything, ranging from mystical worlds to Irish luck. With this much choice, it’s important to pick the right theme for you. If you’re stuck playing a slot that is dull and repetitive, based on a theme that you don’t appreciate, it’s unlikely you will play for very long. More often than not you will give up quickly, before you’ve even had a chance to win. Pick games with themes that you can relate to and even better, big bonus rounds that you know can pay back. Even if you do get quickly rewarded with a bonus round, players who don’t appreciate the theme probably won’t pay attention to winning any more free spins. So don’t waste your time, pick a theme you know will get your heart racing! 

RTP Slot Games

Return to player rate is a term that every single slot player should be aware of. Most unfortunately don’t, which is shocking when we consider that the chances of players winning are statistically much larger when the return to player rate is taken into account. RTP for short refers to how much is returned to a player in prize winnings on average. Its calculated by experts over at least 10,000 spins so you can thank your lucky stars that you don’t need to work it out yourself. Rates vary but on average most land between 92 and 97%.  This means that with a slot game that has a RTP of 96%, on average £96 is paid back for every £100 that is spent. So our advice here is to always check the RTP rate before you bet your hard earned cash on any slot game. Some online casinos have notoriously low rates and rely on the naivety of amateur slot players in not checking. It may seem small but improving your chances of winning with every spin is definitely not something to ignore.

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