Film Preview: THE SEARCH FOR GENERAL TSO (Arena Cinema in Hollywood)

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by Tony Frankel on December 30, 2014

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Racking up an impressive 92% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, Ian Cheney’s The Search for General Tso is arriving steaming hot in limited release on Jan 2. This mouthwateringly entertaining film travels the globe to unravel a captivating culinary mystery. General Tso’s chicken is a staple of Chinese-American cooking, and a ubiquitous presence on restaurant menus across the country. But just who was General Tso? And how did his chicken become emblematic of an entire national cuisine? Cheney (King Corn) journeys from Shanghai to New York to the American Midwest and beyond to uncover the origins of this iconic dish, turning up surprising revelations and a host of humorous characters along the way. Told with the verve of a good detective story, this feature documentary is as much about food as it is a tale of the American immigrant experience.

But if you catch this delectable morsel at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood on January 4 at 5:10, there will be a Q&A following the screening with producer Jennifer Lee, moderated by food blogger Zach Brooks (Midtown Lunch) and KCRW’s Evan Kleiman (Good Food). In addition, admission to this tasty film event includes the actual dish itself: General Tso chicken will be served in the courtyard. This may be the first time you can actually taste a movie.

The Search for General Tso
Sundance Selects
Color | 2015 | USA/Taiwan/China | 71 minutes, unrated
in limited release Jan 2, 2015
Arena Cinema
1625 N. Las Palmas Blvd. in Hollywood
ends on January 8, 2015
for tickets, visit
for more info, visit

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