Post image for Los Angeles Music Preview: THE SINATRA PROJECT (Michael Feinstein and the Pasadena POPS in Arcadia)

FEINSTEIN & FRANK: THE BEST IS YET TO COME Of all the Michael Feinstein Pasadena POPS concerts so far, my favorite was last year’s presentation of Gershwin songs—and it wasn’t because of the selections or Feinstein’s history with George’s brother Ira as friend and archivist. It was because Feinstein set aside the conductor’s baton and […]


Post image for Los Angeles Theater Review: GIRLFRIEND (Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City)

GIRLFRIEND, PLEASE! While it’s being sold as a rock musical, Todd Almond’s gay two-hander is really a play; the songs from Matthew Sweet’s 1991 breakout album Girlfriend are indiscriminately tossed into the script as filler. Take away the music and you’re left with a very small coming-of-age tale ideal for a Fringe Festival, maybe, but certainly not […]


Post image for Film Review: LISTEN TO ME MARLON (directed by Stevan Riley)

LISTEN TO HIM Besides the enormous acting talent, a wonderful tertiary gift delivered by the presence on Earth of Marlon Brando is the Marlon Brando story. Everybody who knew him or ran into him in a drugstore has at least one. One of the best that does not involve sleeping with him is frequently told […]


Post image for Chicago Theater Review: 15 BREATHS (About Face Youth Theatre Ensemble)

STILL BREATHING 15 years ago a new show called First Breath launched the About Face Youth Theatre Ensemble. Appropriately, the current showcase 15 Breaths is presented by the next generation (more or less) and looks back as much as forward. Interestingly, the concerns these GLBT teens address persist like unanswered questions–the generation gap, gender identity, homophobia, coming […]


Post image for Los Angeles Theater Review: FAILURE: A LOVE STORY (Coeurage Theatre Company at GTC in Burbank)

SUCCESS You have had at least one dream in which the universe of potential joy is realized in a moment. The moment is ethereal and tangible, in the way of dreams. For me this dream is always of a kiss. In the dream I am young and the girl I am going to kiss is […]


Post image for Off-Broadway Theater Review: THREESOME (59E59)

MÉNAGE À TWADDLE At the conclusion of Yussef El Guindi’s new play Threesome it isn’t unreasonable to ask oneself the following question: What does the semi-comic attempt of three young arty types to engage in group sex in an unnamed American metropolis have to do with the politically motivated, state sanctioned gang-rape of a female […]


Post image for San Diego Theater Review: KISS ME, KATE (Old Globe)

A FULL-ON KISS Everything is so dang perfect about the construction of Kiss Me, Kate that it’s doubly amazing when a revival comes along to match that perfection. With some of the most boffo talent you are likely to encounter on stage, director Darko Tresnjak and choreographer Peggy Hickey (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and […]


Post image for Chicago Theater Review: BETTE, LIVE AT THE CONTINENTAL BATHS (Hell in a Handbag Productions)

DIVA TO THE TOWEL SET In this summer fluff title tells all–Bette, Live at the Continental Baths (in Chicago, upstairs at Mary’s Attic). This uncredited concoction by Hell in a Handbag Productions, staged and choreographed by Christopher Pazdernik, recreates the Divine Miss M in her gay salad days at New York’s biggest bathhouse. Here, where […]


Post image for Los Angeles Theater Review: ASTRO BOY AND THE GOD OF COMICS (Sacred Fools)

SYNTHETICS AND STRUCTURE Excelling at stage picture, Jaime Robledo sets a lot of toys in motion in Sacred Fools’ latest offering, recently extended into August. Robledo’s direction of Natsu Onoda Power’s 2011 spectacle Astro Boy and the God of Comics features scrims and screens, puppets, projections, live actors and plain old pen and paper, all interacting […]


Post image for Chicago Theater Review: THE WINTER’S TALE (First Folio Theatre in Oakbrook)

TIME HEALS ALL PLOTS Shakespeare’s strange romance, which begins with gratuitous jealousy and ends with gratuitous forgiveness, is best treated as a fairy tale for grownups: A virtuous queen is condemned for adultery, her supposed spoiler her husband’s equally honest best friend. It suddenly seems as if we blundered from courtly courtesies into an Othello-like […]